Brutalisation of work

The brutalisation of work

The breakdown of the social pact and its political consequences for the labour movement Paper presented at the International SIREN Conference, Changes in Working Life and the Appeal of Right-wing Populism in Europe, Vienna 17-18 June 2004. Written by Asbjørn Wahl, Campaign for the Welfare State. Les mer

The brutalisation of work under neo-liberalism 2

Opening adress by Asbjørn Wahl, national co-ordinator, Campaign for the Welfare State, at the European Work Hazard Network Conference, Copenhagen, 19 - 21 September 2003. Read more

The brutalisation of work under neo-liberalism 1

English version of article given in publication by the Norwegian Campaign for the Welfare State: "Arbeidslivets brutalisering under markedsliberalismen", 2003. Written by Asbjørn Wahl. Read

Is Market Liberalism a Health Hazard?

Presentation given by professor Michael Quinlan, University of South Wales, Sydney, at the Welfare Conference in Oslo, 4-5 March 2002. The presentation (pdf)