Twelve theses on a socially just climate change policy

Twelve theses on a socially just climate change policyContribution made at the ITF Climate Change conference in Mexico 4 August 2010. Asbjørn Wahl, Adviser, Norwegian Union of Municipal and General Employees. Les mer

Statement of the “Forum Social Europe – European Network of Trade Unionists”

Statement on the political and social consequences of the economic crisis in Europe and the need for trade unions and other social forces to respond. 10. June 2010 Read the statement

Global turn around!

Our world is not for sale" (OWINS) network statement. "A call to unite and confront the converging global crises of our times, replace the trade and investment pacts and related juggernauts of the corporate-driven global economy, and start building a sustainable economic future together. Read the statement: Global turn around

Climate change and labour

Climate change and labour Could the trade union movement benefit from measures to tackle climate change? By Asbjørn Wahl, National co-ordinator, Campain for the Welfare State Read

EU Trade negotiations with Colombia and Peru

The Executive Committee of the European Trade Union Confederation expresses its outrage at the continued killings of trade unionists in Colombia where at least ten trade unionists were assassinated over the last eight weeks. It reiterates its opposition to ongoing negotiations between the European Union and the governments of Colombia and Peru aimed at concluding bilateral trade agreements. More

WTO on the wrong path

Prior to the WTO-negotiations in Hong Kong December 2005, 27 organisations, including national trade unions, all important peasant and rural organisations, and a number of other organisations, signed a common statement. Combined, these organisations represent more than 700.000 members, and the letter represents an important break-through in the building of a broad WTO-critical coalition in Norway. Read the statement here: Les mer

The Global Week of Action

Contribution by Asbjørn Wahl, national co-ordinator of the Campaign for the Welfare State, at a seminar at the 3rd European Social Forum, London, 15 October 2004. Les mer