The walfare state

What can be learnt from the Nordic Model?

What can be learnt from the Nordic Model?Global Labour Conference, University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, 1-3 April 2007 by Asbjørn Wahl, Adviser, Norwegian Union of Municipal and General Employees Read

Challenges to the Welfare State

In this slideshow, camapign co-ordinator Asbjørn Wahl in the "Campaign for the Welfare State", gives us the historical background of the struggle for the welfare state to the present time, both in Norway and on a global scale. Be responsible - organize restistance, he sums up. The presentation (pdf)

Broad Alliance for the Welfare State

In September 1999 in Norway, a broad alliance of trade unions was established in order to strengthen the struggle against privatisation, deregulation and market liberalism - for a strong public sector. It was named «Campaign for the Welfare State»[1], and the six unions[2] involved represented all together near half a million members (there are 4,5 million inhabitants in Norway). A year later, another 20 national organisations have joined the alliance, almost doubling the number of members. Read more