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Brexit and the crisis on the left

The British majority in favour of leaving the EU (Brexit) was surprising, even shocking, to many. The discussion runs high on both the result and the causes. The confusion seems to be extraordinary high on the left, in Britain as in the rest of Europe. In reality, the result of the referendum reflects an EU in existential crisis, while the discussion reflects a left in deep political and ideological crisis.

Platform for the Welfare Conference 2012

Redistribution of wealth – a question of social power: All over the world people are struggling on how resources and wealth should be distributed in society. People are seeking security and safety for themselves and their loved ones – in a struggle against strong economic and political interests. The distribution of wealth is closely related to democracy, taxation and the existence of universal public services accessible to everybody. Fundamentally, it is a question of distribution of economic and political power.

Building Progressive Alliances

The social conflict in Europe has intensified strongly over the past couple of years, in the wake of the financial crisis. The labour and trade union movement has been on the defensive ever since the neoliberal offensive started around 1980. The balance of power in our societies has thus shifted enormously over the past 30 years – from labour to capital, from democracy to market forces. Time is ripe, therefore, to fight back, to build broad social alliances and to reassess our strategies and tactics.

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