The Climate Struggle – a Struggle for Social Power

Global warming is not just a question of what might happen in the future. The process is already underway, and the consequences can be catastrophic. There is broad consensus among scientists (the UNIPCC), that global warming is man-made, and that the main cause is the use of fossil fuels.

Responding to climate change

Resolution adopted at The International Transport Federation (ITF) 42nd Congress, meeting in Mexico City from 5-12 August 2010.

The crisis and the future of the ESF

The crisis and the future of the ESF

The processes which started with the first World Social Forum in Porto Alegre in Brazil in January 2001 injected new energy into the broad left. After twenty years of neo-liberal globalisation, set-backs, pessimism and demobilisation on the left in many countries and areas, the social forums created new enthusiasm, new working methods, new mobilisations and new inspiration for hundreds of thousands of people.

EU Trade negotiations with Colombia and Peru

The Executive Committee of the European Trade Union Confederation expresses its outrage at the continued killings of trade unionists in Colombia where at least ten trade unionists were assassinated over the last eight weeks. It reiterates its opposition to ongoing negotiations between the European Union and the governments of Colombia and Peru aimed at concluding bilateral trade agreements.

Dirty aid, dirty water

Policy report by the british World Developement Movement concerning the UK Government’s push to privatise water and sanitation in poor countries. Released February 2005